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Spider Tech Taping

Spider Tech Tape is made with hypoallergenic acrylic glue, manufactured to be the same weight, thickness and elasticity as the skin. This unique property allows Spider Tech Tape to integrate with the body’s natural sensory nervous system. Spider Tech uses 16 different pre-cut tapes to allow for consistent and reproducible results with each application. Roll tape is also used for more specific individual needs. There are three specific categories of Spider Tech taping applications:


  1. Neurosensory
    • Stimulates receptors in the skin leading to a decreased perception of pain ( you feel the tape instead of the pain)
    • Restores normal muscle tone by stimulating skin receptors and reflexively through the spinal cord establishes the proper muscle activation and function.
    • Possibly breaks the chronic pain cycles in patients by altering sensory perception in the central nervous system returning irritability of these nerves to a normal state
  2. Structurally
    • Through the elastic properties of the tape, it is possible to prevent possible injurious ranges of motion without producing a hard uncomfortable end feel
    • Constant reminder to avoid poor postures and injury through the perceived stretch of the tape
    • Reduced strain on injured or affected soft tissue
  3. Microciculatory
    • Creates changes in the pressure under the skin effectively creating channels to sweep away swelling and bruising
    • Improves superficial blood flow to enhance healing to injured tissue
    • Removes chemical irritants and inflammatory markers that produce a perpetual state of injury


The end result:

  • Patients achieve early engagement in pain-free ranges of motion and strengthening
  • Patient is able to perform their activities of daily living with less pain or fear of re-injury
  • Patient is able to resume athletic, work related, and house related activities sooner

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